Monday, April 14, 2014

Chick Fil-A is on a roll. Using the basic formula they have expanded up and down the east coast while keeping their menu simple. The newest addition is a 'grilled' lineup consisting of a filet and nuggets. The idea of grilled nuggets is kind of odd yet I was compelled to taste them.

The nuggets come in a small cup not the box like regular nuggets and have a great aroma to them. They literally smell just like a grill. Now I am aware chick fil a already had the chargrill line up but this new reworked formula is much better. The nuggets are moist but you need to get to them right away because they don't have breading to keep them from getting a bit slippery and almost but not quite slimy. Preferably, you would get a fork to eat this with. They are very flavorful and surprisingly good. The other good thing is when paired with the chick fil a barbecue sauce, the nuggets hold up with their flavor and really remind you of a cookout.

Overall ( From 1-10)

Rating: 8
Red velvet has been the darling flavor of the past 5 or 6 years which is a long time for a trend to take hold and continue. We have everything from cupcakes to pop tarts and of course cookies. Grandma's brand cookies can be found in most convenience stores. You get one nice sized cookie in a package and some of the soft varieties are pretty good.

The Red Velvet cookie first of all looked nothing like the appetizing example on the package. It was pretty ugly an unappealing to the eye. The cookie itself was dry and not very moist at all. It also was very bland and didn't have a lot of flavor either way. It wasn't sweet, nor bitter. Just blah. Not even the small amount of icing could bring something to the cookie. This was a huge disappointment.

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Rating: 4

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Ritz crackerfuls line is designed to be like Ritz Bits for adults and for a while the line has been just a bland reincarnation of varieties that shoppers could get in another form. The Bold Buffalo and Ranch Crackerful, along with the new Chili and Cheese variety are the first bold new flavors that signify a new direction for the line.

These snacks are very tasty with a bold and distinctive buffalo flavor that is spicy and lingers. The cracker is very crispy but doesn't have much flavor on it's own against the buffalo taste. That's a good thing because it won't clash. The ranch on it's own is alright but works so perfectly with the heat of the cracker. It is slightly salty and tangy but mostly provides a cooling effect.

The other difference from the average crackerful is that instead of being one long cracker, it is broken up into three smaller ones. This is a good thing because as one long cracker it would be a bit overwhelming. They are easier to handle and snack on. One serving is 140 calories which is above the new goal of having everything in round numbers like 100 calories but it is a decent snack and addition to a lunch. By itself it doesn't provide enough to make you not want anything else, but going along with a meal it isn't bad at all.

This blog is going to be about food. If there are things that I am passionate about, food would rank within the top 5. I love to cook and try new recipes and new foods. What you will get here are reviews of recipes I have made as well as some of my own, and new items that you can find in stores and try out yourselves. Hopefully you will enjoy these things as much as I do.