Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So my family saw these and we were very intrigued by this new product that is using the 'Wonka' branding. That's good because in the movie the Wonka company had unique and exciting treats and this popsicle/ice cream pop hybrid is a unique combination to say the least.

Let's start with the outer since that is what makes this pop so unique and different, it tastes and smells just like a regular banana's inside does. Looking at it you can see the areas where you are supposed to pull down and peel and it is suggested that you bite first to make space for your fingers. the texture is very similar to that of biting into a regular banana but it is also somewhat disconcerting. It's obvious that there is some sort of gelatin product in this part of the pop.

Inside there is a vanilla ice cream that doesn't quite taste right. Maybe it's light and I don't know it because I don't eat light ice cream but it isn't full of flavor. It has the right taste at the start but it goes away and this odd nothingness comes after. Put together things don't get that much better because the banana is overpowering the weak vanilla. Then to top it off, as the 'banana' melts it shows it's rubbery gelatinous structure and looks really creepy.

This isn't a product we will be buying any more honestly. It's novel but the flavors weren't there to compensate for the weird texture that was needed to make this pop. It's alright to take a little try on if it's on sale and you have a coupon but it's not worth the regular price.

Rating: 1/5