Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pepsi has 2 new beverages for people to try made with 'better' and more 'natural' ingredients for a throwback taste. They are 1893 Cola and Ginger Cola. These aren't in 2 liters or 6 packs but slimmer 12 ounce cans with new modern graphics in an attempt to be a cool throwback drink.

Retro-cool graphics aside, the drinks are interesting to say the least. Made with real sugar you taste it immediately and it's amazing the difference that it has from corn syrup. The other thing that you can taste which is present in both drinks is the kola nut which is the main flavor profile of both drinks. The original cola is smooth and doesn't have the sharpness or bite of the regular Pepsi we drink today. I preferred that over the added Ginger flavor from the Ginger Cola. For me it was slightly odd and off-putting although my mother whom is a huge ginger fan loved the taste. It's not something I would drink again.

Overall these are some unique flavors and there is a group of people who have more sophisticated palettes who will enjoy these drinks more than I did. The Original Cola I would drink again but I wouldn't go out of my way to get or find it in order to do so.

Original Cola
Rating: 3/5

Ginger Cola
Rating: 2/5

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