Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pepperidge Farm has a new cookie out for the spring season and it is marketed to the summer smores season. The thing I like about PF cookies is that they are a decent size, high quality and soft. I took a shot on these and the pack I got somehow was broken up which I don't expect from PF cookies, even the Milanos.

The cookies themselves are decent, not great and I think I was disappointed in the taste. The cookie itself is bland even though it is supposed to have bits of graham crackers inside it. They would have been better off making a graham base and adding chunks of chocolate and marshmallows. As far as marshmllow I didn't taste very much and the chocolate was too sweet, just blending in with everything else. With the cookie being mostly sugar, the chocolate would have been better off being darker and more bitter in order to make it stand out more.

While I was let down by this cookie, my kids devoured them so if you're in one of those households, they might need bags to themselves because it was empty this morning when I went to go and get the bag and a cookie for this post.

Rating: 1.5.5

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