Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Food Network and it's partner channels have a bevy of shows that showcase unique foods from all around the country and one of the newest shows is called Unique Sweets. It was watching that show where I first saw Wicked whoopies and knew that I needed to taste their pies. luckily for me, Wicked Whoopies has a solid online ordering option where you can pick out your own dozen whoopie pies for home delivery.

I ordered on a Friday evening and the pies came on Wednesday of the following week in a nice sturdy box great for shipping so points for that one. My flavor combination included Strawberry, Maple, Vanilla, Classic original, Red Velvet, Banana, Lemon, and Oatmeal. I tried to make sure I got a variety to see what the strong point were and what the weak points might be.

All of these had the same cream which is light and fluffy, and it also has a good balance of sweetness. It is very much a great filling which would be key for a whoopie pie of any type, no matter what different flavors you may have around them. My daughter enjoyed the red velvet and my son demolished the original chocolate whoopie pies which were moist yet light and not overly heavy with the chocolate. it was a little less than the classic chocolate cake but it wasn't watered down by any means.

My favorite might just be the oatmeal cream pie because it's not really a cake but a thick, chewy oatmeal cookie that is of course more filling than a Little Debbie and also just fresher and better tasting. Banana was also a good one, not as artificial tasting as the banana twins that Little Debbie makes. There were two flavors I wasn't so bullish on and those were strawberry and lemon. In both of these varieties, there wasn't enough full flavor to offset the dough and the cream. Neither of these is enough to make me say they were bad, but I wouldn't focus on these, and you may like them but I think some of the other offerings were better.

Overall I was happy with the way this online experience went. The whoopie pies delivered on their end the vast majority of the time. We will be ordering from them again.

Rating: 5/5

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