Monday, April 18, 2016

This doesn't really have a category but my wife and I went to an event called The Emporiyum here in Baltimore. This is a marketplace event for a bunch of food vendors to come together in one place to be sampled and offer up their items for sale.This is the first time we have attended such an event and I for one had a great time. It was so great I told my mother and she had me take her on Sunday along with my son who didn't go on Saturday.

Held in the old Best Buy at the inner harbor, the venue was cool, and the decorations were there but not really needed when you took a break from the sampling to get a view of the inner harbor through the windows. It was fairly crowded on both days with a line to get in at your appointed entry time but things flowed very quickly and the scanning of tickets on the smartphones went really fast considering how those things can sometimes work.

It was a great joy to see so many independent and local brands on display and just about everyone had somethings that was good to great. The independent food scene is popping, alive and well. I'll be doing some special more thorough and singled out reviews on some of the items I purchased but I needed to make sure I shouted out the entire event as a whole.

A couple of my favorite items, The Hot Chocolate from Max Brenner which was crazily rich, yet smooth and creamy. My wife and mother both enjoyed Hoop Tea which is a brand from Ocean City, MD of "hard tea" that doesn't have a strong kick to it from what I was told. Bmore Tasteful pies are also worth seeking out for the Sweet Potato Pie. If you went out looking for a Pattie Pie then you need to get at Bmore Tasteful honestly. Finishing up my over view is the candied bacon from Iron Rooster which is sweet, salty, and has the perfect hit of spicy kick to it at the end. It's wildly delicious and a treat.

The Emporiyum, if you get the chance, you just have to go. Now I just have to figure if I'm going to drive to DC for the next one.

Rating: 5/5

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