Monday, June 13, 2016


The latest in limited edition flavor innovation from the Keebler Elf comes in the form of their Fudge Stripe cookies with another decidedly non-fudge flavor. They have done the Red Velvet flavor which was alright but not the greatest and now they bring us a new flavor in the form of Birthday Cake.

The cookie itself is pretty much a plain vanilla cookie with sprinkles in it. It is covered with white icing and I didn't taste anything that was fudge or fudgy about it, just as an fyi. It is vanilla icing and it's fine, but nothing spectacular. Mainly, these cookies will sell based on the trend of having birthday cake and sprinkles. The cookie does have a slightly different taste but it is kind of one note. Fudge stripes work because the chocolate and shortbread go up against, yet compliment one another. It's hard to replicate with some of the other flavors they have rolled out. These have a slight aftertaste to them but it isn't anything major. Opinions differed a bit here, my daughter made a face and thought that the taste was strong after. I noticed it, but didn't think that it was major. My mother said they taste great. so there is that to consider. Are they worth a try, yes. Will they blow your mind, I'm not so sure about that.

Rating: 3/5

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