Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kelloggs and their Pop Tarts brand is trying really hard to keep expanding the brand and gain an extra sale here or there. They have a really aggressive flavor program to bring something unique out regularly to your breakfast or snack time. For this week we tried a couple of varieties, Pink Lemonade, A&W Root Beer, and Orange Crush Creamsicle.

I don't drink root beer so it wasn't the one for me to try but we are always a little skeptical when companies try to incorporate soda flavors into other items. It never seems to come out right because I just think a soda mix is a delicate balance that you can't always put into to something else.

The Pink Lemonade isn't bad. It does take some getting used to however. It's not as citrus as lemonade can be or lemony, it's a good balance, but mainly a little bit on the sweet side. Now my favorite way to eat a pop tart is straight out of the pack these are alright, but a warmed up one has a bit mellower and more unified flavor than room temperature. It kind of seems odd for a summery flavor.

The Orange Crush was not one that my son cared for. He ate the first one but then set it down. Now I tried them and they aren't bad at all. The orange flavor isn't bad although it is quite strong when uncooked. The sweetness can be overpowering, for a pop tart that's saying something but the Orange isn't the normal artificial taste that you get (that's not to say that it's natural) so it's edible. It's just an odd sort of flavor to me overall.

My family seemed to think that the Root Beer tastes decent, but my daughter wasn't fond of the after taste. Both said that it tastes just like concentrated soda syrup.

There are a lot of flavors you could try in a pastry like pop tarts. I never would have picked these three myself, but they all work somewhat. Each of them has a decent flavor but they don't seem natural for Pop Tarts. Even just having one pack I don't see us really eating them. If you have a family or friends with young children over you could get a box and use them as a treat over the weekend and that might be the best idea and use for these. Crack them out while you wait for the food to come off of the grill and enjoy.

Rating: 2.5/5

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