Monday, April 14, 2014

Chick Fil-A is on a roll. Using the basic formula they have expanded up and down the east coast while keeping their menu simple. The newest addition is a 'grilled' lineup consisting of a filet and nuggets. The idea of grilled nuggets is kind of odd yet I was compelled to taste them.

The nuggets come in a small cup not the box like regular nuggets and have a great aroma to them. They literally smell just like a grill. Now I am aware chick fil a already had the chargrill line up but this new reworked formula is much better. The nuggets are moist but you need to get to them right away because they don't have breading to keep them from getting a bit slippery and almost but not quite slimy. Preferably, you would get a fork to eat this with. They are very flavorful and surprisingly good. The other good thing is when paired with the chick fil a barbecue sauce, the nuggets hold up with their flavor and really remind you of a cookout.

Overall ( From 1-10)

Rating: 8

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