Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I was holding off on trying these just because I'm not a fan of Subway and avoid going in there most of the time. But I was a little hungry and went in one and I decided to try these simple little pizzas that Safeway is suing to try and pump up their business a little bit.

The Flatizza itself is beautiful simplicity. A Flat crust that is baked like their bread is topped with sauce and cheese and pepperoni if you so choose. They take it toast it and cut it into four slices for you and give it to you in a little box, which I feel could be slimmer to reduce waste. it's a quick concept that fits in right with what Subway has on hand. As for the flatizza itself, it is pretty good. If you ever had and liked a Celeste Pizza, the cheap ones in the freezer section of the market, or even a totinos and cook it in the oven instead of the microwave, thats about what you're getting here.

The sauce is kind of sweet, no it is sweet with a taste of maybe roasted onion flavoring and some basil. It is unique though I suspect it is the same stuff as say the Celeste but it hasn't had the chance to be frozen and so has some freshness to it. The Subway put a good amount of pepperoni and cheese on mine. The thing that i liked, was the crust edges. See that's my favorite part of a thin pizza like this, getting the slightly burned edges and sauce because it comes together pretty good. Subway appeals to anyone who may like that under the guise of having it 'fresh' your way and quick. For the price it was 3 bucks for a cheese, 50 cents more for pepperoni it's good. Maybe not the best deal but it's convenient and gives me something to order the next time my kids insist on getting subs.

Rating: 7/10

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