Friday, June 27, 2014

My mother went to Vegas last month and managed to squeeze in a visit to Fatburger pretending she was Floyd Mayweather waiting on TI. She has been talking about the turkey burger she had since she came back. She looked up the locations and found out there is one in Columbia, MD pretty close to where I work. At her urging I stopped by for lunch.

 The place was quiet, clean and had a little counter where you can sit on a stool while they get your 1/3rd pound burger ready. They also serve shakes and your choice of skinny or fat fries. I am not a fan of thick cut fries so skinny was my option. The fries themselves are marginal at best. They taste like those vaunted 'new' fries that Burger King rolled out a while back. They didn't end up being very crisp and didn't get any 'better' with the ketchup.
My burger I got simply with bacon, cheddar cheese and ketchup and mustard. The burger itself wasn't bad. A nice sized patty and the bacon was pretty good but nondescript overall. The bun is plain and the sandwich did avoid being overly soggy or greasy which is a positive. As far as taste, it isn't anything especially different like the BGR burger was. The cheddar cheese I got disappeared though, not much bite or sharpness came from it at all.

 This was straight forward and placed on a griddle. I actually prefer the Five Guys burgers to this one which really reminded me of a Wendy's burger. It was alright but it wasn't overwhelmingly good. The price was also really high for what was received. I mean Five guys at least smothers you in fries but the combo I had was almost 13 bucks from Fatburger and it didn't blow me away. That's a lot for burger and fries so it needs to be extra special.

Overall I guess if you want the uniqueness of the Fatburger name it might be worth a stop if you're near Route 175 getting close to Jessup but I'm not sure it's worth a trip specifically to go there.

Rating: 3/5

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