Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I normally do not ever buy these pre-packaged quick meal solutions because for whatever reason they never really quite taste right but the Campbell's brand is pretty reliable and I had coupons which made this pretty much free. I figured it wouldn't hurt on a day where my wife and I had to work late and I needed to throw together a quick dinner. So of course after a couple of weeks of these sitting around I ended up with an occasion to use this and I had everything needed in the building already.

Prep is simple, some chicken, frozen vegetables and the sauce. Throw it into a casserole dish and let it cook for about 45 minutes or so and you have a dinner for the family. The suggestion is that you also make some quick biscuits and serve on top which I did.

As for the taste of this, I wasn't fond of it and neither were my wife and son. my son especially because he pretty much eats any and everything with no problems and this is something he was vocal about not caring for. My daughter however, liked it tremendously. As for my tastes there is definitely something off with this. The seasoning is a little off or maybe it's the sodium or the the stabilizers that give it an off putting taste. it's slightly sour and bitter to me, not overwhelmingly so, but it is an odd taste that I couldn't really get past.

As a dish, it should be easy because you could easily get this type of meal set up with an extra 10 minutes using a few more ingredients such as cream of chicken soup and some simple seasonings and get a better tasting dinner than using this single packet if you have some discerning tastes. If you aren't as picky then this could work out for you in a pinch.

Rating: 2/5

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