Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It seems a little bit odd with some of the trends in yogurt that a company would advertise happily that they are using whole milk in their yogurt products. It wouldn't seem to be as healthy and marketable in today's climate, however, maybe they are going with the idea of what is natural and maybe not the lowest in calories but what can be pronounced.

To see if that is really an edge, I compared the Dannon to my normal Yoplait and the Dannon is thicker and creamier. It kind of reminds me of a slight step to the Greek yogurt style that has become popular and maybe that is one of the things that Dannon was thinking. Looking at their new campaign, that is what the idea is, to go back to the idea of natural. The flavor is fine, I can say that one of the reasons I eat Yoplait in general is that I wasn't a fan of Dannon's flavor and texture. This does resolve some of those concerns.

It's never going to be a great change in my opinion. It's mass processed yogurt. What do you expect? However I can say this new whole milk Dannon is now more of an option for me when doing my shopping and that has to be a plus for them.

Rating: 3/5

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