Monday, May 23, 2016

Instagram is a great place to find new things to eat and small specialty shops. Going through my feed I found a place I had never heard of before located in Baltimore in the Hampden area. The photos looked great but I wasn't sure I wanted to try and make the trip, especially without a guarantee to even get to taste all of the varieties that I I wanted. I took the trip anyway and it was well worth it.

The place is a small little store front just off of the main drag of Hampden, and midway down the block you could possibly miss it, the sign and front is so small. They are only open 730am to 1pm Wednesday through Sunday so I can imagine the weekends are crazy hectic. The area where you go in to purchase is tiny, smaller than your local every day coffee shop. They display the donuts on the counter on a tray so you can see what varieties are available. You can also see the menu for the week on their social media pages and they also have their own version of 'cronuts' on the weekends.

I ordered a wide variety, chocolate creme, vanilla creme, strawberry cheesecake, coffee creme and walnut, cinnamon and sugar, lemon creme, and the Homer which looks a lot like the doughnut eaten by the infamous cartoon character from the Simpsons. They all look pretty much the same except for the small bit of filling that sticks out of the pastries. None of their doughnuts have holes either, including the glazed and chocolate covered which I didn't get on this visit.

The best doughnut, Vanilla Creme which is soft and fluffy. A filling that has good balance and sweetness although my wife wanted even more inside. It's the same thing for the chocolate creme and lemon filled. The creme has the flavor you expect, and it isn't artificial at all. The coffee creme with walnut is also good and it's cool because it's a straight coffee flavor, and the sweetness from one's sugar or cream come from the doughnut itself and the walnuts are a nice little touch. The strawberry cheesecake is pretty good as well. Now the non filled doughnuts didn't wow me as much but maybe warmed up they would shine even more.

I was slightly worried that I would waste my time driving into Hampden to get doughnuts which can be hit or miss often times. I was very surprised at the fact these doughnuts were this good. Very fresh (you can really taste that in the dough) with great high quality fillings it is worth the trip if you have the time to get over there. They are opening soon in Virginia as well so they will be lucky to have a place this good and be accessible.

Rating: 4.5/5

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