Thursday, May 19, 2016

Phoebe's is an independent coffee shop that is in Montgomery County. I stopped in trying to avoid the chain addiction which is Dunkin Donuts. While I just went in for some coffee and a pastry, Phoebe's also offers a wide array of sandwiches and some salads for your morning, lunch, and early afternoon desires.

The coffee prices aren't bad for this kind of shop and it has a good taste, although I didn't feel like the caffeine hit me the same way as Dunkin Coffee tends to do and I am not sure as to why that seems to happen when I visit the smaller coffee shops. They do have a nice looking selection of sweets and I ended up trying a couple of their small cheesecakes and macaroons which I was very surprised to see.

Let's talk about the macaroons, they are a nice size, and about average in price and have some decent original flavors. I tried both the Smores Macaroon and the Fruity Pebbles. The Smores could have had slightly more marshmallow taste and I would have liked to had some graham flavor instead of just chocolate and vanilla. There is also a nice little bit of straight up chocolate in the middle. The Fruity pebbles is a little more dividing. No one else in my house liked them which I thought they would, though I did enjoy it. There is a nice burst of different flavors like the cereal but there is an odd little graininess to it. I would still eat it again.

The mini cheesecake's which I tried were Red Velvet Cheesecake and Key Lime. They were alright, I was slightly underwhelmed by the red velvet though the cheesecake itself is fine. The Key lime had good lime flavor but was topped with coconut which I am against personally. They were cool though but I was more impressed by the macaroons.

This is a nice little spot to stop into and grab coffee and nice little bite to eat. The prices aren't too bad at all and the feel of the place is really nice. I'm going to go back and try some of their sandwiches in the future.

Rating: 3.5/5

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