Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The battle of the sub shops seems to be constantly on new ground here in Maryland and a spot that has been here for a couple of years now though I am just getting around to them is Jersey Mike's Subs, an East Coast chain that has a mix of hot and cold subs. I guess the idea is that this is your local sub shop on a chain scale so you will always know where the 'good' sub shop is without the local guesswork.

In a rush with the kids we stopped in in lieu of McDonalds. My son devoured his Ham and Provolone without complaint. Myself, I had the Turkey and Provolone while my daughter got a cheese steak- pretty much plain. Now as far as chain cheese steaks go. I'm totally against. They are always missing the flavor of a good seasoned off the grid grill and they are so pre-measured it never even looks like a cheesesteak. The other main problem was it took a long time for them to get started and it wasn't busy.

Now my turkey and provolone is just that. A Turkey and provolone sandwich. Shredded lettuce is cool i guess, it was crisp. the fact the meat is sliced right there is the big thing? It looks decent but the deli meat that is sliced seems to be the lamest and most generic you can get. It tastes fine but I'm used to the local markets which has better flavor and seems to be of a higher quality.

Jersey Mike's isn't the worst place to grab a quick bite but it isn't the best either. If it's the only familiar thing in the area or you just want a sub it's fine but I wouldn't go out of my way to find one for the food. It's only an average place.

Rating: 2.5/5

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